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Community & Service Initiative

How do we live in relation to each other?
How can I contribute to the community?
How can I help others?

"Community and service starts in the classroom and extends beyond it, asking students to participate in the communities in which they live."  Community and service is one of the five Areas of Interaction the IB Middle Years Program uses to provide a framework for learning within and across the subject groups and making connections to real-life issues.  The emphasis is on developing community awareness and concern, a sense of responsibility, and the skills and attitude needed to make an effective contribution to society.  In the IBMYP, students are expected to become actively involved in their communities and in service activities.  The "Pay it Forward" community and service initiative is SMMHS's unique response to that expectation.  The community of Signal Mountain came together in a massive effort to build and equip our new school through countless hours of individual and group volunteer work.  Instead of attempting to repay all of those people, the students will "pay it forward" and work for the benefit of the entire community.  Community and service at SMMHS will follow the long tradition of volunteering and community involvement on Signal Mountain. Watch us make a difference!