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Select A New Community Service

Bachman Bargains

The onsite resale shop needs volunteers! Students may sort donated items, hang clothing, or prepare items to be sold. Call or email the community center at 423-886-4842, or

Bachman Community Library

If you would like to volunteer for library projects - or to shelve books - call the center at 423-886-4842, or email

Signal Mountain Town

To volunteer at Signal Mountain locations call the following:
Mountain Arts Community Center - 886-1959
Library - Karin Glendenning - 886-7323
Recreation - Jarred Thompson - 886-2177
Fire - John Vlasis - 886-7075

Alexian Brothers

Alexian has a wide range of volunteer activities to brighten residents’ lives:
•    Playing music
•    Making crafts or helping with craft-making
•    Playing games such as bingo
•    Telling jokes or just talking and visiting
•    Taking your dog for a visit

Signal Mtn Social Services

Great community service opportunity at the Signal Mountain Social Services. Call or email Kelly Drayer at 517-8570 or

1st Thursday of the month is available, hours are 10-12
Clothes House: sorting, folding and displaying both clothes and home goods
2nd and 4th Thursdays are available in the afternoon 4-6 pm.  This is a great time for students needing community service hours
1st, 2nd and 4th Saturdays are also available from 10-12pm

Food Pantry: includes stocking and arranging canned goods, possibly making food bags