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Parent Letter (MS Cross Country) 7/16/2014


Dear SMMS Cross-Country Runners: 

Welcome to the 2017 SMMS Cross-Country Season. Running is the greatest sport in the world because it is fun, it can be done anywhere and at anytime, it keeps you fit, it is a social sport that can be enjoyed with friends, it helps you stay in shape for other sports, and it is a sport that you can do for the rest of your life. Our cross country season will be fairly short but will be intense, so let’s get started!

 Starting on Wednesday, August 21, practices will be held every day 2:45 (except on days of meets). Most practices will last about an hour and will include warm-ups, stretching, drills, and games. We will be running in very hot weather, so hydration is extremely important. Runners need to carry a bottle of water with them all day and drink plenty of it before, during, and after practice and meets. 

Meets will begin on August 29 and are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 at the TVA Property by the Chickamauga Dam. I will get you a map and a schedule before the first meet. Please try to be at meets by 4:30 This will allow time for warming up and stretching and will allow some wiggle room if you hit heavy traffic


If you are interested in ordering spirt wear

(for runners & parents),  coming soon


I will communicate through the app remind – this is a texting service that you will need to sign up for:

Enter this number


Text this message


Please plan to sign up, this will be my form of communication; canceling practice/meets, scores, or any other info.


Last, I am excited to be working with you during this cross country season. I am committed to this program and hope that you will be too. Successful athletes are often motivated from within and must be willing to work hard in practice every single day to achieve positive results. The way you run in practice will be the way you run in meets so we will focus on consistency and technique.  If you are skipping practices or slacking off when I am not looking, this will become evident in your times at meets and in the amount of improvement that you show over the season.  Winning is fantastic, but our real focus is in seeing consistent improvement over time. Other goals of this cross country program are to make friends, build character, develop good running habits, develop proper running technique, stay healthy, and win meets.


Thanks for your interest and we will see you Wednesday at practice!

Francene Sewell