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LEARN TO BOWL!!!! Join the bowling team!

LEARN TO BOWL!!!! Join the bowling team!

The new teams start forming each year during the first few weeks of the new school year.  Look for my table at registration.

8th graders are welcome to join the High School Bowling Teams.  We have a boys and a girls team.

1)  You do not have to be good.  Most of the bowlers I get bowl somewhere in the 60 - 120 range their first year.  Bowling is not like other sports - we rarely get someone that has ever bowled on a regular basis.

2)  You do not have to be a good athlete to be a good bowler.  We have plenty of students we have turned into good bowlers.

3)  Their are bowling scholarships available for bowlers.  Varying levels of scholarships are available.  We have a 2015 graduate of SMHS currently bowling on scholarship in college.

4)  All of the bowlers on the team get to bowl in matches or if not in a match get to bowl even while matches are going on.  This is significantly different from other sports.  In most other sports while a game is going on the other team members that are not starters have to sit and watch everyone else play.  This is not the case with bowling.  I get lanes for the kids to practice during matches if they are not in the match and I want them to bowl rather than just watch others bowl.

5)  The assistant coach and I have many years of bowling experience.  The assistant coach and I have combined for over 55 years of bowling experience.  The assistant coach, Nick Magro, learned how to bowl form his mother who participated on the Woman's Pro Bowling Tour and is one of the top bowlers in the state of Tennessee.

6)  I can work around schedules and other activities.  I am limited in what I can do sometimes because of the bowling center but I have worked around a lot of conflicts.  I have had bowlers participate in marching band, cross country, work schedules and theater productions at the school.  I do not expect the bowlers to attend every match or every practice.  Some 8th grade sports are conflicts that are no longer conflicts in high school (girls softball for example and there are others).

7)  Join with a friend!!!  It is more fun bowling with friends.  I try as often as possible to put the friends together to bowl during practice and some matches.

Thank you for considering bowling.  It is a family friendly activity you can participate in for the rest of your life.

Please contact the bowling coach, Mark Bracher, if you are interested.  My email is

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