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Undergraduate Degrees

BSeD: Education (UGA)

AJB:  Newspaper Journalism (UGA)

BS:  Biology (UTC)

Graduate Education

Masters:  Curriculum and Instruction (University of Phoenix)

EDS:  Educational Leadership 


I have been fortunate to work in a variety of exciting careers and each career has taught me valuable lessons and skills that help me to be a more successful teacher. My fisrt professional experience after graduating from college was as a newspaper photographer intern in Shepparton, Australia. Since then, I have worked as a newspaper photographer and a newspaper photo department manager, a full-time firefighter, and a paramedic. 

In education, I spent my first nine years teaching Biology (and a few other sciences) at East Ridge High School. I began my job as a middle school science teacher at Signal Mountain Middle School in 2011.


I am a 7th grade science teacher at Signal Mountain Middle School. Science is such a fun subject to teach becasue of the hands-on activities, critical thinking, discovery, and collabarative possibilities for students. I wanted to become a teacher because of the bad experience I had in my own education during elementary and secondary school. My teachers were boring and uninspired and we spent the majority of our class time work silently out of the book or filling in worksheets. As a result, I struggled through high school and was an apathetic student uniil I got to college. Once I got to college, however, I found my classes to be compelling, challenging, and exciting. At that point, my education really took off and I have loved to learn ever since. My goal as a teacher is to ensure that my students have a better experience than I did and help them to discover the passion of learning early in their educational career rather than having ot wait until college.