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For students who missed class on Thursday, 4/07 or Friday, 04/08  

I hope that your respective events went well!  I have uploaded the class notes (Quadratic Notes) and part of the homework (worksheet 10.2) under "Class Handouts" in "File Manager".  Please make sure that you complete the Practice Test for Monday!

Test next week!  

For those who missed class today, please check under File Manager for the answer key to Test 2. Here is also a copy of what I emailed to your parents this morning, which summarizes what I shared with each class today:  

"Our schedule has been slightly modified for next week to accommodate Spring Break.  Monday and Wednesday will be odd class periods, and Tuesday and Thursday will be even class periods.  The test for next week has been moved to Wednesday (for odd classes) and Thursday (for even classes).  This will give opportunities for students to ask questions during class, if necessary, in preparation for the test.  I will also have an afterschool help session on Tuesday, not Thursday, of next week.
Next week's test (Test 3) will be divided into two sections.  Section I will be a retest of the last test (Test 2) which focused on exponents and radicals.  Section II will include polynomials (Lessons 24-27.1 and spiral questions). The grading of this test will be as follows:  Section I and Section II will be graded together for Test 3.  Since the overall average Test 2 was not as strong as I would like, I am also taking a separate grade for Section I, which will be averaged with the Test 2 grade.  This new average will replace the "old" Test 2 grade.  
In summary:
New Test 2 grade:  average of Section I, Test 3 and "old" Test 2 grade
Test 3:  Section I and Section II
Students have received their Test 2, and I am reviewing the answer with them today.  In order to allow them time to focus on studying for their test, I have not assigned a new comp this week.  Please make sure that they review (i.e. rework) Test 2 so that they can use next Monday and Tuesday to ask questions."

Homework correction for Thursday 02/04  

The homework assignment on the board for Thursday classes (1st, 5th and 7th period) is incorrect!  I wrote down the assignment for NEXT Thursday.  I am so sorry!!  Please check the calendar for the corrected assignment!  

Week of February 1st  

Textbook and practice problem answer keys are posted under File Manager.  Please remember that you have an Embedded Assessment (p. 283) scheduled for tomorrow instead of a Weekly Assessment.  A few hints for your Embedded Assessment:  1) Remember to look for totals and for minimum values and maximum values.  2)  The system of linear inequality problem may have more than two inequalities in its system.  

Your Unit 3 test will be this Tuesday/Wednesday.  


Week of 01/11-01/15  

This week we will focus on understanding systems of linear equations.  We will learn three different methods of solving systems of linear equations (graphing, substitution, and elimination).  We will also be able to model these equations in multiple ways.  Finally, we will apply what we have learned about systems to help us find solutions to real world scenarios.

Answers to Unit 2 Test #2  

Answers are available for Unit 2 Test #2 under "File Manager".  Please check the "Homework Answers" tab. Please remember that Unit 2 Test #3 will be Monday for 6 & 8th period and Tuesday for 3rd, 5th, and 7th period.

This week!  

Good evening!  Here's what to expect this week:

Monday:  Weekly Assessment 2.3 (This assessment will cover evaluating functions and finding the equation of the line.)

Tuesday/Wednesday:  We will finish up Parallel and Perpendicular lines and start looking at Scatterplots and Trend Lines.

Thursday/Friday:  Unit 2 Test #2 (This unit test will include arithmetic sequences, slope-intercept form, point-slope form, parallel lines and perpendicular lines.)



Unit 2 Test #1  

Good afternoon!

For this quarter's first unit test, please study the concepts that are covered in 5-1 to 5-3, 6-1 to 6-2, and 8-1 to 8-2 in your textbook.  Please remember to study your notes and any work related to this material!



1st Quarter Grades and 2nd Quarter Calendar  

First quarter grades have been finalized.  Please check the calendar for upcoming assessments during 2nd quarter!

Fall Break!  

Happy Fall Break!!  

Please complete Khan Academy's "Algebra Mission".
1)  Log onto Khan Academy.  (
2)  Add Coach using code:  25FF64
3)  Go to Subject and choose "Algebra 1"
4)  Under Algebra 1, you should see a table of contents.  Choose "Mission".

By completing this assignment, I will be gathering data on where you are strong and where you may need some additional help.  For the rest of this semester, I will give you Khan Academy assignments to supplement what we do in class.  The goal is to help you prepare for the midterm exam in December.  

If you would like to get ahead of class, you can start looking at the videos in the section labelled "Two Variable Linear Equations and Intro to Functions".  When we return from Fall Break, we will begin Unit 2, which starts with defining a function.  

If you want to review what we have already done, please review the activities under "Linear equations" and "Linear inequalities".


Afterschool Help Session this Wednesday!  

There will be an afterschool help session this Wednesday from 2:30-3:30.  There will NOT be a session on Thursday.

Help to prepare for Test on Inequalities!!  

The next unit mini-test will focus on 3-1 to 4-2 in Unit 1.  These sections cover inequalities, compound inequalities, absolute value equations, and absolute value inequalities.  For help to prepare for this test, please go to "Online Resources" under "File Manager".  You will find a document entitled "SB Algebra 1 Khan Correlations Inequalities".  Download the document and click on the links for further review of the concepts we have been learning in class.

Afterschool Help Sessions!  

Afterschool help session will be held on Thursdays.  This includes tomorrow (9/17).  The sessions will be from 2:30-3:30pm.  Please bring a small snack, if you would like.



Khan Academy Links  

Please go to "Class Handouts" under the "Files" tab.  You will find a document that lists all of the Khan Academy links for Unit 1.  You may find these helpful as we complete Lessons 3.1 -4.2.

Study this weekend!!  

There are two assessments next week---Monday's Weekly Assessement 1-3 and Tuesday/Wednesday's Mini-Test.  I hope that you have been studying.  Some ways to prepare for both the Weekly Assessment and Mini-test:

1)  Study your textbook.  This does not mean skim over the text or even just read it.  You should be reviewing your textbook with the intention of making sure you understand key vocabulary, concepts and problems.  Cover up problems (classwork and homework) and redo them.  Highlight vocabulary and key concepts.  Put stars by material that you are not sure about so that you can make sure that you work on them, especially the night before the assessment.

2)  Study your comps and weekly assessments.  Cover up the problems and redo them.  Make sure that you understand any problems that you have missed.  Practice those problems.  

Tutoring this week  

Afterschool help sessions will be Tuesday, 2:30 to 3:30 this week.  Unfortunately, I have a conflict this Thursday.  However, beginning next week, afterschool help sessions will be Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:30.  Please also remember that you can also see me during Directed Studies!

Week of 09/08-09/11  

I hope that you have had a good Labor Day!  There is NO weekly assessment this week.  But we will be completing our Embedded Assessment 1.1, Part 2 (p. 33-34, #3 & 4) on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  After the assessment, we will begin our work on inequalities with Lesson 3.1.  We will continue learning strategies to understand and solve word problems using inequalities in Lesson 3.2.  There are about four weeks left in this quarter.  Our first mini-test will be next Tuesday and Wednesday, which will cover Lesson 1.1, Lesson 2.1-2.5 and Lesson 3.1. Please begin studying now by reviewing your classwork (textbook) and homework!  Please check the announcements page for more hints on preparing for our first test!


Calendar Changes  

The easyCBM testing today took longer than I had anticipated.  So I have changed some assessment dates.  Please note that Part 2 of Embedded Assesment 1.1 will be next Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please make sure that you study and prepare.  For tomorrow's Thursday classes, we will be taking the easyCBM test and then spend the remainder of time on finishing up Lesson 2.5, Literal equations.  Friday's classes will focus on completing Lesson 2.5 as well.  Next Tuesday and Wednesday will focus on translating equations from tables and word problems after we complete the Embedded Assessment 1.1, Part 2 (questions 3 & 4).   


This week we will be taking our easyCBM assessment (formerly MAP) on Wednesday and Thursday.  This year's assessment should not take the whole class period, so we will spend the remaining time working on translating tables and word problems into expression and equations.  We will also complete Lesson 2.5 on Literal Equations this week.  Please do not forget that we have weekly assesssments on Mondays.  Make sure that you keep up with your assignments. Use your assignments to help you identify questions you may have about the things we are learning in class!  

Embedded Assessment 1.1   

Since we are a little behind on our pacing for this week, Thursday's Embedded Assessment (p. 33) will only include questions 1 & 2 for all classes.  These questions cover Lesson 1.1, Lesson 2.1, Lesson 2.2 and Lesson 2.3.  We will complete Lesson 2.4 and begin Lesson 2.5 after the assessment on Thursday.

Week 08/24-08/28  

This week we will be finishing up Lesson 2.2 and then work through Lesson 2.4 and Lesson 2.5.  Our first weekly assessment (Weekly Assessment 1-1) will be taken on Monday.  Remember that the weekly assessments consist of questions that come directly from past homework and comp assignments.  We will also complete our first embedded assessment (Embedded Assessment 1.1) on Thursday/Friday. Please make sure that you are prepared!  As you study/review, please identify concepts and skills in which you feel weak and ask for assistance or clarification!

Homework Answers  

Homework answers are available in "File Manager" under "Homework Answers".


This week we will begin by "unpacking" our first embedded assessment.  We will also complete Lesson 1.1 and work towards completing Lesson 2.1-2.4.  These lessons focus on solving equations.  Since this content overlaps with the summer coursework, please refer back to those lessons if you need some additional help.  New ideas that we will be exploring are "no solution" and "infinitely many solutions."


My email is now working.  Thank you for your patience!!  Please check the "Class Handouts" tab under "Files Manager" for copies of the class letter, class policies and procedures, and 1st Quarter Honors Algebra Calendar.


Hello!  My email is not working, and I have not been able to access it yet this week.  I will post as soon as it is up and running again!  Thank you for your patience!

Week 8/13-8/14  

Welcome to the first day of Honors Algebra!  I am excited about starting this Algebra journey with each one of you!  We have a lot of work to do for the 2015-2016 school year.  So without any delay, we will be jumping right in!

We will begin class by reviewing our syllabus.  This will include expectations and rules for the class. Please bring your device, if you have one.  You will also receive your textbook.  We will complete Lesson 1.1 and may even start Lesson 2.1.  Please make sure that you have your materials from the supply list!

I am looking forward to seeing each of you in a few days!