The SMMHS Parent Teacher Student Association works closely with the school's faculty and administration to promote the best possible education for our students.  By uniting parents, students, teachers, and the community we can offer our students the highest advantages in education. Membership dues are $5 per person and will be made available on registration day.

2016-17 PTSA Board


Marcie Hansen

President Elect

Christi Meier

VP MEF/Fundraising

Stephanie Weigert

VP Communications

Angie Bandy

VP Membership

Nancy Witherspoon


Lisa Shander


Susan Holt


Sally Boals


Kim Vernetti

Hospitality MS



Teacher of the Month

Courtney Armstrong

Library Volunteers

Lisa Shander


Staff Appreciation

Allison Evans

Learning Center Liasion

Susannah Murdock


Signal Mtn. Social Services

Amy Wakim>


Alecia Michel


Ellen Dowling

MEF Events & Programs

Leslie Kelly

MEF Events & Programs

Jenna Menzel

5th Grade Liaison Thrasher

Susannah Murdock

5th Grade Liaison Nolan

Cara Rock

Music Boosters

Kim Allen

Theatre Boosters

Nancy Fell

Sports Boosters

Mark Murphy

IB Boosters

Lisa Shander


Senior Events

Shannon Vatter

6th Grade Level Rep

Courtney Armstrong

7th Grade Level Rep

Eden Lusk

8th Grade Level Rep




Angela Apablaza

Signal Showcase

Kelly Coppel