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The SMMHS Parent Teacher Student Association works closely with the school's faculty and administration to promote the best possible education for our students.  By uniting parents, students, teachers, and the community we can offer our students the highest advantages in education. Membership dues are $5 per person and will be made available on registration day.

2017-18 PTSA Board

President Christi Meier 886-7296 488-8361
President Elect Angie Bandy 386-5050 883-1425
VP MEF/Fundraising Marcie Hansen 886-6637 619-1180
VP Communications Liz Hickman   316-8671
VP Membership Wendi Martin   802-1303
Secretary Dawn McLemore   838-0934
Treasurer Heather Hensley   903-239-1879
Parliamentarian Amy Meller 886-2876 314-2724
Grounds & Maintenance Kim Fookes 886-3176 364-8387
Library Volunteers Lisa Shander   364-9015
Staff Appreciation Allison Evans   802-5145
Learning Center Liasion Susannah Murdock 886-1347 718-0571
Signal Mtn. Social Services Jean Saunders   208-2135
Marquee Ellen Dowling   404-316-8539
MEF Events & Programs Stephanie Weigert   704-975-3010
MEF Events & Programs Jenna Menzel   817-692-7588
5th Grade Liaison Thrasher Rebecca Bevans   703-595-8631
5th Grade Liaison Nolan Julie Novak   667-1386
Music Boosters Thomas Lindsay   785-7388
Theatre Boosters Nancy Fell 517-8579 400-8037
Sports Boosters Kevin Menzel   817-692-4463
IB Boosters Lisa Shander   364-9015
Senior Events Catherine Payne   322-3632
Jr. College Workshop  Diane Helton   314-8850
MS Transition  Andrea Sarvis   883-3549
Reflections Angela Apablaza   290-1174
Signal Showcase Kelly Coppel   313-2192
Directory Emily Fraker 886-9018 240-5213