Signal Mountain Middle High School


Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Honesty Policy
Signal Mountain Middle/High School

The purpose of this document is to serve as a guide for students, teachers, administrators,
and parents about the expectations for academic honesty at SMMHS. The overall outline and
content of this guide has tried to closely follow the academic policy requirements as outlined
in Academic honesty in the IB educational context. In writing this guide, care has been taken
to use language and a writing style that can be easily read and understood at the 6th grade
level. Another major modification to our current academic honesty policy (reflected in this
guide) is that the guide itself is written primarily to be a student-friendly, instructive
document. In other words, whereas in the past our written policies have solely consisted of
lists of infractions and penalties, IB now mandates that academic honesty policies also be
comprised of “examples of support” as well as hypothetical scenarios and/or FAQs that help
students navigate the sometimes confusing waters of source citation and acknowledgement
(Academic honesty 6). Input from teachers, administration, and, of course, students should
inform revisions to this document and is encouraged by IB.

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