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Assessment Policy

Assessment Policy
Signal Mountain Middle/High School

Purpose of Assessment
• To inform students of their progress and achievement
• To identify areas of growth for students
• To provide feedback for learning
• To shape instructional practices through the use of data
• To determine needs for differentiation of instruction
• To monitor student progress
• To inform parents of student progress against standards
Principles of Assessment
• Assessments are varied in type and purpose
- Definitions
- Summative assessment: Evaluation of student achievement through a culminating activity generally at the end of a course of study.
- Formative assessment: Evaluation aimed at identifying the learning needs of students and forming part of the learning process itself. Formative assessments take place throughout a course of study.
• Students should be allowed multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding.
• Summative assessments align with the criteria as outlined in subject guides.
• Clear criteria are given to students prior to an assessment.
• Opportunities for reflection are provided.
• Assessments are differentiated and modifications are made when necessary to meet the needs of all students.
• Assessments are aligned with learner outcomes that create high expectations for all students.
• Assessment practices will be reviewed annually to promote continuous program development and improvement.
Assessment and Curriculum
• Assessments drive the curriculum and are aligned with the written and taught curriculum.
• Curriculum and assessments are aligned vertically, building on prior knowledge and skills.
• Assessments are designed to align with course outcomes, state standards, and MYP objectives and criteria.
• Global contexts will provide the context for unit design and will influence unit assessments.
• Teachers will write curriculum and assessments collaboratively and design assessments using the MYP/DP unit planner in ManageBac.
• Curriculum and assessments should reflect the intercultural aspects of the MYP and DP.
• Teachers teaching the same course will use common assessments.
Assessment Practices
• Assessment and evaluation practices and expectations are discussed with students at the beginning of each unit- including the distribution and discussion of rubrics.
• Rubrics are clarified using student-friendly language at the beginning levels.
• Exemplars are made available to students.
• Assessments allow students to reach the highest level of achievement in the rubric descriptor bands.
• MYP Assessments
- MYP objectives and criteria will be used during all years of the program.
- Summative assessments will include the prescribed minimum tasks for each subject area and will each be assessed twice a year.
- The Personal Project will be assessed using MYP Personal Project criteria.
- Teacher will record criterion achievement level scores for the MYP assessment in ManageBac.
• Assessment strategies may include: observation, selected response, open-ended tasks, performance, process journals, portfolios
• Assessment tasks may include: compositions, creations of solutions or products in response to problems, essays, questionnaires, investigations, research, performance, presentations (oral, written, graphic)
• Feedback will be provided in a timely manner. There will be a continuous cycle of presenting a challenge, performance, feedback and improvement.
• Teachers teaching the same courses participate collaboratively in the planning, development, and standardization of assessments where appropriate.
• Authentic assessment tasks will provide opportunities for students to apply learned knowledge and skills to real-life situations.
• Assessments will be differentiated to address a variety of learning styles and modifications will be made for students with identified learning disabilities.
• Assessments will be learner centered, inquiry-based, and authentic in nature.
Reporting to Parents
• Evidence of learning will be shared with parents through conferences and progress reports every three weeks and report cards.
• MYP assessment criteria scores will be reported alongside traditional grades.
• MYP report card reports will display a numerical grade of 1 – 8 for each subject area at the end of each semester.
• Parents have access to student progress through PowerSchool and, by Spring 2016, through ManageBac.
Assessment and Student Expectations
• Students are responsible for their learning.
• Students are required to submit both formative and summative tasks in a timely manner.
• Students are expected to know and use assessment criteria while completing work.
• Students are to synthesize and apply their learning, ask questions, and solve problems.
• Students should strive to produce quality products and performances and to use assessment as a way to improve their learning.
• Students should regularly practice self-assessment, peer assessment and complete reflection

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