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1:1 Chromebook Questions/CONTRACT

1:1 Chromebook Questions/ CONTRACT
Chromebook contact person: Mrs. Shannon Roddy:

CONTRACT:  HCDE Tech Contract 1.1.pdf

A One to One page has been published that is available under both Parents and Students on our public website. It contains information about the One to One initiative and has guidelines for certain issues like Lost/Stolen Devices, Insurance, Stylus Replacement, etc.

Please feel free to distribute and send me any feedback. We want to try to address as many issues and questions as we can on this webpage.

Here is the link:

Key points:

• Are student devices monitored on home and/or public networks?
o Yes. Student devices are monitored with Securly. We use the Free for Chromebooks version; read more about it here:

• Do we have access to the parent portal on Securely?
o No. That is part of the paid tier, which the district does not have.

• Can you provide me with more info about Securly?
o Securly on Chromebooks works through an extension, which is force-installed on all student accounts. Securly prevents access to gambling, pornography, hate content, chat, social media, etc. HCDE can also allow or block specific sites. All of those policies apply to the student account, regardless of what network they are on. Securly also sends self-harm and bullying alerts to Central Office when it detects problematic content and behavior. Central Office forwards those messages to school admins and counselors.

• Are there any resources for parents to talk with their children about online safety?
o Yes, here is a reliable website published by the Federal Trade Commission for parents to access info about protecting their children online:

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