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Parent Update

Parent Update

Good Evening SMMHS Families – Our teachers and staff have been hard at work over the past several days preparing for tomorrow, and we are all so excited to see our students and begin the 2020-2021 school year!  As you finalize your plans for our first day of school, whether your student is attending in person on our A or B days, or learning remotely home through HCSatHome, we wanted to share a few last minute reminders.  As always, thanks for all you do as we look forward to seeing everyone this week!

Information Items


  • As shared, our start and end times will remain the same this year with school officially starting at 7:45 am and dismissing at 2:45 pm.  Each day during Phase 2, our students attending all 7 of their classes in person for 50 minutes with no Directed Studies period.
  • All students attending school in person this week should log in to Power School to print or copy their schedule for their in person day.  To access our Blank Student Schedule Grid tool, please click on the following link.
  • Blank Student Schedule Grid.pdf 

Phase 2 A and B Student Groups

  • During Phase 2, our students attending in person will attend school two days per week and work virtually online for the other 3 days. 
  • Tomorrow, on Wednesday, August 12, only our A Group students (last name starting with A-L) will attend in person while our B Group students (last names M-Z) will work remotely from home. 
  • On Thursday, August 13, only our B Group students will attend in person while our A Group students work remotely. 
  • This week only, all in person students will remain at home on Friday, August 14 for our virtual learning day. 
  • After our first shortened week, and through at least the end of August, our A Group students will then attend in person on Mondays and Tuesday and our B Group students will attend in person on Thursdays and Fridays.  All students will then complete their work virtually from home on Wednesdays.

AM Arrival

  • Car Riders – As outlined in our SMMHS COVID Procedural Guide, car riders will only be able to exit their cars to enter the building at 7:30 am.  Please note that this includes both our front AM HS car line and our rear AM MS car line.
  • Reminder signage will be posted, and it is imperative that parents do not unload students until 7:30 am when our duty administrators and teachers are on duty.  As students exit their cars, they must have their masks on and enter the building to report directly to their 1st block class each morning.  During our arrival time from 7:30 am to 7:45 am, our students will begin their morning work, complete tasks from the day before, etc.  Cell phones will not be allowed during this morning time.
  • Bus Riders – Bus riders will be allowed to exit the buses and enter the building at 7:15 am as our buses must leave to meet the scheduled pick up times for their AM elementary routes.  Students who ride buses arriving between 7:15 am and 7:30 am will report directly to the HS gym (HS students) or MS gym (MS students).  The students will set in designated areas, with their masks on, and exercising social distancing for a short period of time before being released to their classrooms at 7:30 am.  Any students who arrive by bus after 7:30 am will report directly to their 1st block class.
  • Student Drivers – To reduce the number of students entering the building at once, our student drivers will remain in their cars until our parking lot duty teachers dismiss them by lots to begin entering the building at 7:30 am.  Each lot will have a designated door to enter for social distancing. 

ManageBac and Power School Login Questions

  • For returning students, all students should be able to access both ManageBac and Power School from day one of the school year by using their previous usernames and passwords. 
  • All students should be able to access their schedule by logging into Power School, and all students should be able to access any assigned virtual learning by logging into ManageBac.
  • Please note that although tomorrow is the first in person day for student Group A, tomorrow is also the first virtual day of learning for all Group B students and all HCSatHome students.  As such, all Group B students and all HCSatHome students are expected to log in to ManageBac to begin completing assignments and learning activities.
  • If a student is new, they may or may not be able to log into ManageBac right away.  When a student registers, it may take 24 hours or longer for them to receive an HCS email account and to update them in Power School and ManageBac.
  • This week, our counselors emailed families with directions regarding their new student HCS email accounts and Power School access.  Once students are successfully added to Power School, they will then receive an additional email regarding access to ManageBac.
  • Once a student has an HCS email account, they can log into ManageBac and Power School directly, or through our new single sign-on program known as ClassLink.  To learn more about ClassLink and student HCS email accounts, please CLICK HERE.
  • Once in ClassLink, students are able to access Power School, ManageBac, Khan, iReady, and many other online platforms and tools by only logging in once!
  • If a student is unable to access Power School or ManageBac, either directly or through ClassLink, please contact our school counselors (Mrs. Donene – 6th Grade and K-Z 7th Grade, Mrs. Flowers A-J 7th Grade and 8th Grade, Mrs. Sharpe 9th and 10th Grade, or Dr. Dagnan 11th and 12th Grade.


  • All of our returning students, and our 6th grade students and new students who were able to participate in our drive through Chromebook pick up, should all have their assigned Chromebooks to begin the school year.
  • Any student who has not been issued a Chromebook will receive theirs on Wednesday or Thursday of this week when they attend on their in person day.
  • In order to receive a Chromebook, students must complete the HCS Chromebook contract.
  • As previously shared, any HCSatHome students who do not yet have their Chromebook will be have one issued to them during our drive through textbook pick up taking place on Friday, August 14.
  • If a student’s Chromebook is not working properly, the student will see Mrs. Roddy.  If the student has damaged or lost their Chromebook, parents must complete the insurance claim process.
  • With virtual learning taking place 2 days this week, and 3 days for the next few weeks, we want to ensure that all of our students have their Chromebooks.
  • All students must bring their Chromebooks to school each day fully charged and must bring them home each afternoon for work completion and virtual learning.

HCSatHome Students

  • Our HCSatHome students will officially begin working to complete work posted in ManageBac as their first day of school is also tomorrow.
  • Our teachers will be scheduling Zoom introduction sessions with their students to take place this week on Friday, August 14.  Teachers will be scheduling Zoom sessions throughout the day until 1:30 with Zoom times and login information posted in ManageBac.  With this being the first teacher and student connection for our HCSatHome students, ALL students are required to participate as each teacher’s procedures, expectations, etc. for their respective classes will be shared.  If any new students do not yet have access to their ManageBac due to Power School rollover, our teachers will make allowances and connect with students next week.
  • On Friday, August 14, our teachers will also be hosting a textbook pickup for our HCSatHome students from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.  The pick-up will take place “drive through” style through our rear MS car line.  During this time, students and families will stop at subject area stations to quickly receive any hard cover or consumable textbooks for their classes.  Please note that students will not receive their Math consumable textbooks as we are still waiting for delivery.  In addition to picking up textbooks, any students who have not been issued a Chromebook will have one issued to them by Mrs. Roddy.
  • HCSatHome Informational Meeting Recording – For those families who were unable to join us last week for our HCSatHome Parent Information Zoom sessions, you can access the recorded presentation by clicking on the following link: .

HCSatHome Attendance Requirements

  • Each day, all HCSatHome students will be required to complete an attendance task posted in ManageBac.
  • To access the daily task, students will log directly into ManageBac or they can access ManageBac by logging into our new single sign-on tool, ClassLink.  To access ClassLink, please follow the instructions by CLICKING HERE.
  • Once in ManageBac, students will click on the “Groups” tab on the toolbar.
  • Students will then click on the Group called “HCS at Home Students”.
  • By 9:00 a.m. each morning , students will click on the clink called “Daily Attendance Form” and complete the form to be marked present for the day.  As part of completing this form, students will be required to outline their “learning plan” for the day committing to how they will engage in their classes virtually by completing specific assignments, participating in scheduled Zoom sessions, etc.
  • If a student does not complete the required daily attendance task as described above by 9:00 each morning, the student will be marked absent and parents will be contacted.  If a student is sick and unable to login and work on any given day, then parents should provide a doctor’s excuse or parent note to Mrs. Swan.
  • Please note that all state attendance requirements apply and students will be referred to our school social worker if a pattern of absences or students not completing work on a regular basis are observed.

SMMHS COVID-19 Procedural Guide

  • As we have continued to plan and finalize procedures for the upcoming school year, we have developed the attached SMMHS COVID-19 Procedural Guide (updated 8-10-2020). 
  • This guide will be shared with teachers and staff, students, and parents as it outlines many of the day-to-day logistics and procedures that we will utilize throughout the year.  As mentioned in the guide, procedures may change depending on a variety of circumstances throughout the year, but those will be communicated to all in a variety of ways.
  • SMMHS COVID-19 Procedural Guide Updated 8-10-2020.docx 



Calendar Items


Wednesday, August 12

  • First Day of School For A Group Students – A Group Only Attends

Thursday, August 13

  • First Day of School For B Group Students – B Group Only Attends

Friday, August 14

  • Virtual Learning Day – All Students Will Work Virtually From Home

Saturday, August 15

Sunday, August 16

Monday, August 17

  • Student School Day – A Group Only Attends

Tuesday, August 18

  • Student School Day – A Group Only Attends

Wednesday, August 19

  • Virtual Learning Day for All Students

Thursday, August 20

  • Student School Day – B Group Only Attends

Friday, August 21

  • Student School Day – B Group Only Attends

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