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I graduated from GPS.

I went to The University of Alabama for 2 years then came back to UTC and graduated with a degree in Special Education.


I began my teaching career at Chattanooga Valley Elementary School (Flintstone, GA) where I taught for 19 years. I taught every grade from K-5th at Chatt. Valley. It was a great experience but I decided to get a job on Signal which is where my own children were in school. I began teaching at SMMS in 2003 and I have been teaching up here for almost 10 years. I have taught 6th-12th graders so now I have done it all! 


FAMILY: My family moved to Signal Mtn. when I was in 8th grade and I went to SMJH. It was my best school experience but my family persuaded me to go to GPS from 10th-12th. I then went on to Univ of Alabama but came home to finish school because I was dating my high school sweetheart, Bill Powell. We got married after college and moved to Flintstone, GA. We moved back to Signal in 2000 to raise the girls. We have three sweet daughters, Melissa- 26, Mary Sessions- 25 and Laura- 21. 

WORK: I have been teaching special education for almost 31 years. It is normally a career that has a lot of burn-out. I love my job and always have. I have a passion for kids that struggle in school and I think that is because school was difficult for me. I had a learning disability which obviously I compensated for throughout the years for the most part. I still laugh at myself sometimes when I do silly things. We have to laugh at ourselves- right!!