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2016 High School Boys Team 

4230356        2721258
1037223   3111215
1121500   6357806
2271076   4885550
8889531   7928614







2016 High School GirlsTeam

6666708        6228966
5315295   9047322


IMPORTANT: All golfers must complete the student information form.


REQUIRED: Must complete to play golf.


  1. Click on the link to go to Privit.
  2. Create a profile/account.
  3. Add yourself to high school golf.
  4. You are eligible when the status is "cleared." 
  5. Note: You will only have to upload one file - The Physical Form.  Go to the forms section of the school site and download the "TSSAA Physical Form." Take it with you when you go to have your physical.  Once completed, upload it to Privit, or take it to the main office, and leave it for Amanda Yother (school trainer).


2016 SUMMER DEAD PERIOD: June 27 - July 11




Your child can benefit greatly by playing in summer tournaments.  Below are four good option for high school players:


1. CDGA (Chattanooga District Golf Association)
Six events; Local courses; Single-day, 18-hole events; $20.00 each
2. Sneds Tour (Partnership with the Snedeker Foundation) 
Multiple events; Courses throughout southeast; Single-day, 9-hole and 18-hole events
3. HGJT (Hurricane Junior Golf Tour) 
17 events; Courses around the eastern part of the US; Two-day, 36-hole events
4. AJGA (American Junior Golf Association) 
Multiple events; Courses around the country; Various formats 
By playing summer tournaments, players will meet and become friends with other players they are likely to see throughout their high school golfing career and beyond.  It is also a great way to prepare for  high school tournaments in which we participate each year.
The CDGA tour is a good option for most high school players; I highly recommend it as a minimum.  Note that you can pick and choose which events to enter, and you do not have to enter all of them.
For more information, contact Haven Burns.