Signal Mountain Middle High School

HS/MS Craft and Textile Club

Club Sponsor:  Kaylyn Wade 
[email protected]

Mission Statement

Our mission is to explore different avenues for creativity, have fun, work respectfully with other students, and bring some color to SMMHS.

Aims and Objectives


● To introduce students to a different creative outlet and skill set than is available elsewhere at SMMHS.

● To provide an environment that is fun, safe, and relaxing where students can try new projects and learn new skills.


● To provide an avenue for students to have a creative voice using materials that they might not have access to elsewhere.

● To work with peers who have a shared interest in crafts and textiles.

● To foster open and effective communication where advice and constructive criticism can be given and received respectfully.

● To encourage exploration into new skills and creative mediums that students may not have tried before.

● To help all members, of all skill levels and artistic backgrounds, to grow as creative people and build their skills in a fun and safe way.

Club Expectations

● Participants must be students and/or staff at SMMHS.

● Participants should be interested in crafts and textiles, but don’t have to have any prior knowledge or skills.

● The club will meet bi-weekly in the library from 2:45-3:45pm. Specific scheduling will be published in Managebac and announced in the morning announcements.

● Be constructive. Giving friendly advice to other members is encouraged, but only with helpful and constructive intention. Disrespect or belittling of others or their projects is not allowed.

● Follow directions given by Ms. Wade or other advisors.

● In the event when more supplies need to be purchased, members will participate in a fundraiser to raise money for additional materials.

● Always be respectful of the tools and materials, of your peers and advisors, and yourself.

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