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Yearbook Information

Yearbook Information

The SMMHS Yearbook is produced by Signal Mountain students for Signal Mountain students. It is a student run non-profit production. We sell ads to balance the cost of the book production and cover additional expenses like maintaining our camera equipment. Therefore Yearbook students go to local businesses and sell ads. Yearbook ads help our local businesses to increase their customer base on the mountain and help create community. Yes, we believe in Signal Mountain.


Senior students and their parents are also able to purchase recognition ads to be placed in the yearbook. Parents of 8th grade students can purchase Baby ads or 8th grade promotion ads to be included in the yearbook. All student recognition ads also help decrease the overall cost of the yearbook production and we can’t do it without your support. Thank you for your support, Signal Mountain families!


Yearbook Ad costs 2023/24:

A full page of ads costs $200, a half page $150, a quarter page $75 and an eight of a page $50.


Want to purchase a 2023/24 yearbook? Click here:


Want to support our Yearbook with a student recognition ad for seniors or 8th graders? Deadline: Easter Sunday 2024. Click here:

Want to support our Yearbook with a business ad and increase your local customer base? Click here:


Yearbook distribution:

 All yearbooks are being distributed at school in August after each school year. Graduates and students no longer attending SMMHS may pick up their yearbooks in the front office with Mrs. Swan during regular school hours. Unfortunately, SMMHS is not able to ship yearbooks, but the UPS Store lets you pay for a pre-paid shipping label that you can email us at [email protected]. We will then package it for you and send it on its way. Here is the link: For shipping purposes, the size of a yearbook is about is about 12x9 and it weighs about 3.9 pounds.


Are you looking for an old SMMHS Yearbook? 

Email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you!

Senior pictures info
Class of 2025 - it is time to schedule your senior portraits!
The only portraits accepted for the yearbook will be taken by Prestige Photography (Lifetouch's senior studio). You need a formal and a casual photo.

Set up an appointment with Prestige Seniors Appointments:  
Your students will be setting up their appointments in our studio locations.  Appointments are available online at  We encourage all students to make their appointment early in the summer.  Location: Chattanooga Studio: 6228 Perimeter Dr, Chattanooga, TN 37421 
Students will receive postcards in the mail with the link to   to make their appointment. All appointments are made online only. Parents and guardians can set up their accounts and reserve an appointment for their students.   
What to bring to the appointment:  
Bring a strapless tank top for the drape picture or a clean white T-shirt for the tux picture. Bring casual outfits of your choice. If you have school dress code requirements that need to be followed, please make sure students are aware of any limitations.  Sitting fee is required on the day of the photography.  

Senior picture deadlines:
Nov 15: Last day for portrait submissions and pose selections
Oct 23: in school senior sessions (for yearbook only) available during School picture retakes. Same fees apply as in studio.
Dec 1: Yearbook pictures for seniors will be ordered from Prestige. Senior pictures submitted after this day will NOT be in the yearbook.

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