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Dr. Shane Harwood

Weekly Parent Communication

Week 32



  • Congratulations to all who participated in our 2021 Senior Scenes and to all of our Gnomie Award winners!  Gnomie Award winners included Grace Thomason – Best Actress, Ethan Bullock – Best Actor, Tess Pope – Acting, Hannah Yang – Acting, Aaron Nielsen – Acting, Tennyson Carico and Lorien Maddux – Bronze Directors, Caroline Bailey – Silver Director, and Kasey Salmons – Golden Director!  Congratulations to all and a big thanks to Ms. Farrmond and others for providing this opportunity for our students!
  • Congratulations to our 7th grade students who exhibited the March Learner Profile Trait of Risk Taker!  Those students include London Brevard, Ebba Critser, and Mia Sabatini!
  • Congratulations to our 8th grade students who exhibited the February Learner Profile Trait of Risk Taker!  Those students include Olivia Hamilton, Luddie Mendoza, Henry Rhyne, Izzy Rhyne, and Hugh Witherspoon!
  • Congratulations to Ms. Meznar, Mr. Weatherly, Ms. Perry, Mr. Poss, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Walker, Ms. Wagner, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Swan, Mrs. Queen, Mrs. Patton, and Mrs. Penton as they were recognized as being IB Knowledgeable in March!
  • We are excited to welcome Ms. Parks back as she will return to in-person teaching on April 12 following Spring Break!  A big thanks to Mrs. Lyness and Mr. Newell for assisting with classroom supervision and we look forward to them returning to their ISS roles!


New Information


April 12 through April 16

  • April 12 through April 16 – This week’s class schedule will be EVEN, ODD, EVEN, ODD, and EVEN.  Please note that there will be no school on Friday, April 2 in observance of the Good Friday holiday and there will be no school the following week from Monday, April 5 through Friday, April 9 for Spring Break.  School will re-open on Monday, April 12.
  • Beginning the week of April 12 through the week of April 28, Mondays will become our alternating EVEN and ODD days instead of Wednesdays.  This will allow our students and teachers to not have any weeks with 3 ODD days in a row, and this will continue until our schedule class orders change in May to accommodate end-of-year testing.
  • In following our established procedures, all HCSatHome students will follow their daily schedule and are expected to log in to participate in live class Zooms at the beginning of each class period each day.
  • All Zoom log in information and assignments continue to be posted weekly in ManageBac. 
  • Any students who do not log in to participate in live class Zooms and are not completing their assignments posted in ManageBac will be marked absent.  Students who are chronically absent will be referred to our school social worker.
  • As previously shared, the district plans to announce each week’s phase on each preceding Tuesday.


    Senior Prom Information

  • As of now, and based on the current pandemic circumstances, tentative plans have been put in place for our Senior Prom to take place this year!
  • In alignment with district requirements, our open-air venue will be the amazing Walden’s Ridge Fire Hall located on Signal Mountain!  Our graduation team has toured the venue, and it will be a fantastic setting for our students with Sound Force providing the DJ!
  • In alignment with district requirements, only seniors will be able to attend with a date who must be either a senior or HS underclassman who also attends SMMHS.  No non-SMMHS students will be allowed to attend.  Masks will be required with other safety procedures also being in place.
  • This year’s Senior Prom is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 17 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.  Tickets will be $45 per person and can be purchased from April 12 through April 16 in the Compass Media Center during lunch blocks.  Cash or check made out to SMMHS will only be accepted.  As a reminder, only seniors can purchase tickets for themselves and their SMMHS HS dates.
  • Student parking will be off-site at a location to be determined, with students being shuttled to the prom venue.  A procedure will also be put into place for students who will be dropped off at the venue, and SROs will be monitoring the student parking area.
  • Additional information will be shared with students and parents over the coming weeks, so please contact Mrs. Buntain or Mrs. Roddy if you have questions.


    Mountain Education Foundation (MEF) Information and News

  • We want to remind everyone of the important role that the Mountain Education Foundation (MEF) plays in the success of our Signal Mountain Schools!
  • If you have not yet become a monthly donor, or would like to make a one-time gift, please visit or email Hilarie Robison at Every donation is appreciated and much needed!


    Reminder Information


    In Person Student Attendance, Morning Tardies, and On Campus Driving

  • In Person Student Attendance – As we have continued to be in school in person over the past several weeks, a reminder that all in person students are expected to be ast school in attendance each day.  In person students participating in live class Zooms from home when they are supposed to be attending in person is not allowed.  If an in person student is quarantined, then that is an instance when they should be participating via live Zooms and completing work from home.  Otherwise, all in person students are expected to be in attendance each day and will be marked absent.  If there is a pattern of absences, or a pattern of in person students not reporting to school and attempting to participate from home, then a referral to the social worker will be made.
  • Morning Tardies – Over the past couple of weeks, we have been closely monitoring the increased number of student tardies each morning.  Now that we are back in the routine of attending in person, we will begin assigning afterschool detentions and possibly Saturday School sessions if a student continues to have a pattern of morning tardies.  If you know that your student has arrived late to school, we need your help in making sure that sound morning routines are in place that allow students to leave home with plenty of time to arrive to school before the 7:45 am tardy bell.
  • On Campus Driving – With more students on campus, we now have additional student drivers and parent drivers entering and exiting our campus each day.  Over the past few days, we have observed some cars (mostly parents, but some students) that are exceeding the speed limit on campus.  For everyone’s safety, all drivers must adhere to the posted speed limit and the traffic direction provided by our SMPD officers and our administrators.  If student drivers are observed exceeding the speed limit, driving privileges to and from school will be lost.  If parents are observed exceeding the speed limit, our SRO or the SMPD may be requested on campus for ticketing.  We ask that parents please take a moment to share this reminder with your student drivers and to make any adjustments to your own driving while on campus.


    Spring MS and HS Athletics Updates

  • Spring Home Athletics Tickets – For all spring MS and HS athletic events, and other on campus programs and events, spectators must purchase digital tickets online to attend.  Each on campus indoor and outdoor venue will have a reduced max capacity with 2/3 of the capacity tickets for home spectators and 1/3 of the capacity tickets for visitor spectators.  All spectators are encouraged to purchase tickets well before each contest to ensure entry, so please visit our school website or CLICK HERE to purchase online tickets. 
  • Seating and Masks – Seating keys will be posted showing spectators where to sit (green marks placed 6 feet apart) and where they cannot sit (red or gold Xs on unavailable rows).  For outdoor venues, approved seating areas will be marked on the bleachers and on the ground for chairs brought by spectators.  Per the district and TSSAA, all spectators are required to wear masks at all times.
  • Please note that digital tickets will be available for purchase online on the day of each contest, and sometimes earlier.  If our teams are playing an away contest, our coaches typically receive ticketing information from that school and share that information with their families.  If you have questions about tickets for away contests, please contact your student’s coach for information.



    8th Grade Yearbook Baby Ads

  • The deadline for purchasing 8th grade baby ads for this year’s yearbook has been extended through April 5.  Any 8th grade parents or guardians wanting to purchase an ad can access the form by CLICKING HERE and can make payment by CLICKING HERE.



  • Our school day continues to be from 7:45 am until 2:45 pm each day for all in person and HCSatHome students.  We will run a block schedule each day with all students following their regular daily schedule to attend classes in person or participate via Zoom.
  • All in person students must come to school each day with their charged Chromebook and all HCSatHome and virtual students must be dressed and logged into their class Zooms each day on time at the beginning of each class period from an area in their home that is conducive to learning.



  • Live Class ZoomsA reminder that all HCSatHome students should be following their regular daily schedule and attending live class Zooms for all of their classes each day.  Live class Zooms typically last for 20 minutes or longer depending on the class and activity and students are expected to log in and participate with their in person classmates.  Students who are not completing their work, and not attending live class Zooms, will be marked absent for those days.
  • Work Completion – Students are expected to complete and submit assignments posted in ManageBac each week by the designated due dates.  If a student has a question about an assignment, they can ask their teachers during their daily live class Zooms or email their teachers.
  • MEF Learning Center Tutoring Support – Tutoring support for our in person students and our HCSatHome students continues to be available throughout the day and afterschool on select days.  For more information, or to schedule a tutoring session, please contact our Learning Center Coordinator, Abbey Duncan, at
  • Chromebooks – Parents, if you have not done so already, please take a moment to complete the following short Google Form regarding your student’s school-issued Chromebook.  To access the form, please CLICK HERE.
  • If you need help with establishing a routine at home for your HCSatHome student, or have questions, please contact your student’s teachers or Mrs. Mulloy at


    AM Arrival

  • Car Riders – Car riders continue to only be able to exit their cars to enter the building at 7:30 am.  Please note that this includes both our front AM HS car line and our rear AM MS car line.
  • Reminder signage will be posted, and it is imperative that parents do not unload students until 7:30 am when our duty administrators and teachers are on duty.  As students exit their cars, they must have their masks on and enter the building to report directly to their first class each morning.  During our arrival time from 7:30 am to 7:45 am, our students will begin their morning work, complete tasks from the day before, etc.  Cell phones will not be allowed during this morning time.
  • Bus Riders – Bus riders will be allowed to exit the buses and enter the building at 7:15 am as our buses must leave to meet the scheduled pick up times for their AM elementary routes.  Students who ride buses arriving between 7:15 am and 7:30 am will report directly to the HS gym (HS Students and 8th Grade Students) or MS gym (6th and 7th Grade Students).  The students will set in designated areas, with their masks on, and exercising social distancing for a short period of time before being released to their classrooms at 7:30 am.  Any students who arrive by bus after 7:30 am will report directly to their first class.
  • Student Drivers – To reduce the number of students entering the building at once, our student drivers will remain in their cars until our parking lot duty teachers dismiss them by lots to begin entering the building at 7:30 am.  Each lot will continue to have a designated door to enter for social distancing. 


    Logistical Reminders

  • AM and PM Car Rider Arrival Timing – We need all car rider parents to plan your AM arrival between 7:30 am and 7:40 am each morning and between 2:45 pm and 2:55 pm each afternoon.  At this time, our lines are moving and parents can come in and out quickly to drop off our pick up your students without backing our car lines up or impeding our bus traffic, teacher traffic, etc.  For those who are already arriving at these times, you are already seeing how quickly the car lines are moving due to less students being on campus each day and our established procedures.  Thanks in advance for continuing to do your part each morning and afternoon!
  • HCSatHome and A/B Students Returning to School for Afterschool Activities – For student safety, and to help with traffic, students learning virtually on a given day should not return to school for afterschool practices or activities until 3:00 pm each afternoon.  Please note that this includes student drivers and parent dropping their students off for afterschool activities.


    COVID Procedural Updates

  • Positive COVID Cases – With students returning to school in person, we will resume our communications regarding any in person students who test positive.  This communication will include a general email to all families and phone contact with any family who has a student considered a close contact through contact tracing.
  • Quarantine and Return to SchoolIf someone in your family must quarantine during Phase 2 or Phase 3, please be mindful of the necessity of following all quarantine guidelines.  During quarantine, students are expected to continue their studies as long as they are feeling well.  With learning phase announcements coming each week, please be mindful that if anyone in your family receives a positive COVID result at any time, you must still contact Nurse Snyder immediately to share those results and initiate next steps.  As always, do not send your student to school, athletics, or activities if he/she has symptoms and is not feeling well, has tested positive, is a close contact, or anyone in your household is awaiting testing.  The current quarantine period for positive cases is now 10 days after the first date of symptoms or after the date the person was tested if they were asymptomatic.
  • Rapid Testing Pilot – Rapid COVID testing is now available at every HCS school for staff and students who become symptomatic while at school.  These tests are voluntary with parental consent forms that are available through the Power School Parent Portal or by hard copy from the school nurse.  Parents can choose to be present or not when their child is tested.  Testing is free and administered by our school nurses with results in approximately 20 minutes.  If you have questions regarding the Rapid Testing Pilot, please contact Nurse Snyder at or Nurse Triplett at


    Zoom Behavior Expectations

  • As we transition to having more students learning from home on certain days during Phase 2, please take some time to remind your students of our shared expectations for student behavior during live class Zoom sessions.
  • Initial Login – All students must log in to their class Zooms at the beginning of each class following their regular schedule.  Students must be logging in with their HCDE student account as an authenticated user.  Attendance is taken, and teachers will require students to turn their cameras on and have their correct name listed to confirm they are in attendance.  Any student not logging on correctly will not be allowed to enter the Zoom and will be marked absent.
  • Logging Into Unassigned Zooms – Students are only to log in to Zooms for their scheduled classes at their scheduled class times.  Any students who log in to an unassigned Zoom will have disciplinary consequences.  This is learning time and disruptions will not be tolerated.
  • Appropriate Zoom Behavior – Students are expected to exhibit school-appropriate behaviors during all Zooms.  If students are found to be doing anything inappropriate or being disruptive to learning in any way, disciplinary consequences will be given.  Virtual days are school days and all students are expected to behave, participate, and work accordingly.


    Virtual Learning Days – Scheduled or Unscheduled

  • To connect with our grade level counselors, please contact Mrs. Donen (Grade 6 and Grade 7 Last Names K-Z) at, Mrs. Flowers (Grade 8 and Grade 7 Last Names A-J) at, Mrs. Sharpe (Grades 9 and 10) at, or Dr. Dagnan (Grades 11 and 12) at
  • Anytime we have a virtual learning day, ALL STUDENTS AND TEACHERS will follow that day’s regular class schedule and are expected to continue their learning virtually by participating in scheduled live class Zooms and completing assignments as posted on ManageBac.  Please note that this includes any virtual learning days that occur in Phase 3, in Phase 2, and certainly in Phase 1.
  • On these virtual days, our teachers will be taking attendance as students are expected to log in at the beginning of each class to participate in live Zooms.  Live Zoom links and assignments will continue to be posted in ManageBac.
  • As a school, we have worked tirelessly to refine our systems and procedures and we feel confident that our teachers and students are prepared for any phase change.  As continuously shared, this is all due to the dedication and hard work of our teachers, students, and families over the past several months!


    Student Counseling Support

    • As students learn remotely from home and in person, we want to remind our families that our school counselors continue to be available for student counseling support.
    • During Phase 1, our school counselors will be available via Zoom during Directed Studies office hours on Fridays and other Directed Studies days.  Students can find their counselors’ Zoom links in ManageBac.
    • With office hours being reserved for students, our counselors are also available as needed to talk with or meet with parents outside of office hours.  In addition, if a student needs immediate support, they are also encouraged to email their grade level counselor.


Chromebook Troubleshooting

  • If a student has a Chromebook issue during virtual learning, the student should contact Mrs. Roddy at for troubleshooting assistance.
  • If a family needs to file an insurance claim, or has insurance questions, the family can visit or call (877) 307-6777. 
  • If a student needs to turn in a Chromebook for repair, Mrs. Roddy will coordinate meeting the student or parent at the school during her open office hours.



Learning Center Tutoring Support

  • Tutoring support for our in person students and our HCSatHome students continues to be available throughout the day and afterschool on select days.  For more information, or to schedule a tutoring session, please contact our Learning Center Coordinator, Abbey Duncan, at


Foreign Language Tutoring Opportunities

  • Our Language Acquisition Department continues to provide free tutoring support to students in grades 6 through 12 in Spanish, French, and German!
  • All tutoring for this year will take place virtually via Zoom with our in person students and HCS@Home students able to participate.
  • Tutoring via Zoom will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:15 pm with Mr. Hudson providing German tutoring on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month and Ms. Meznar providing Spanish and French tutoring on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.
  • To access the tutoring sessions, students will log into Zoom and use Meeting ID 947 4937 1778 and Passcode SMMHSlang.
  • If you have questions regarding tutoring, please contact Ms. Meznar at or Mr. Hudson at


Calendar Items


Monday, April 5 through Friday, April 9 – No School – Spring Break


Monday, April 12

  • School Re-Opens
  • MS Baseball – Away


Tuesday, April 13

  • HS Soccer – Home – 5:00
  • MS Track and Field – Home – 5:00


Wednesday, April 14

  • MS Baseball – Away


    Thursday, April 15

  • HS Soccer – Away
  • MS Baseball – Home


Friday, April 16

  • SMMHS-UTC Senior College Ready Conference
  • HS Soccer – Away


Saturday, April 17

Senior Prom – 7:00 to 10:00 – WRES 

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