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Weekly Parent Communication

Week 20



  • A big thanks to all of our teachers, students, and families for all of your efforts in getting the 2nd semester off to a great virtual start this week!Our teachers were re-charged and eager to be back with their students, our students were engaged in their live Zooms and completing their assigned tasks, and our families were supporting everyone along the way!Our work is not done, but we want to thank everyone for all that you have done and continue to do!
  • Congratulations to Reilly Furr, Hailey Ward, and Briley Lowry as they were all named to the TSWA All-State Girls Soccer Team!
  • Congratulations to our HS Bowling Team as they were regular season District Champions for the 2nd time in school history!Our bowlers now advance to next week’s Region Tournament with Andy Goidel, Ryan Leun, Slader Ellis, and Landyn Sanders being named to the All-District Team! Congratulations to all, good luck next week, and a big thanks to Coach Mark Bracher and others for leading and supporting this great group!
  • A big thanks to the anonymous supporter who made a $1 million donation to the MEF Endowment!This is such an amazing long-term gift that will grow over time with earned endowment income eventually being used for direct funding to our Signal Mountain schools!As MEF continues to offset the loss of revenue during the pandemic, everyone’s continued support through donations to the MEF Annual Fund are greatly appreciated as these funds go directly to the annual allocations made to our schools to sustain the additional support provided by MEF in the form of instructional personnel, enhanced technology, and more!


New Information


January 11 through 15 Phase and Schedule

  • As announced this week by HCS, our schools will operate in Phase 1 with all students continuing to learn virtually from home from Monday, January 11 through Friday, January 15.With Wednesdays alternating, this week’s class schedule will be EVEN, ODD, ODD, ODD, and EVEN.
  • In following our established procedures, students will follow their daily schedule and are expected to log in to participate in live class Zooms at the beginning of each class period each day.
  • All Zoom log in information and assignments continue to be posted weekly in ManageBac.
  • Any students who do not log in to participate in live class Zooms and are not completing their assignments posted in ManageBac will be marked absent.Students who are chronically absent will be referred to our school social worker.
  • As previously shared, the district plans to announce each week’s phase on each preceding Tuesday.


    Phase 1 Athletics and Band Activities

  • Athletics and band practices have resumed with athletics contests resuming on January 11 after students are re-acclimated.If anything changes, additional information will be shared.
  • As of now, coaches may be able to reschedule some contests, but that information will be communicated by each team’s coach.
  • As contests resume this week, several new procedures will be in place per the TSSAA and the Governor’s recent Executive Order.One of the new requirements is that only players’ parents, guardians, and immediate family members will be allowed to attend contests.Please note that cheerleaders, pep bands, and non-family members (including non-family member students) from either team are not allowed to attend contests until further notice.If the Governor’s Executive Order is not extended, the above procedures will remain in place until further notice due to the district’s 150 person requirement for indoor facility capacity.


    COVID Procedural Updates

  • Positive COVID Cases During Phase 1 – With students not attending school in person during Phase 1, communications regarding any students who test positive away from school will not be communicated school-wide until we return to Phase 2 or Phase 3 of in person learning.The only school contact tracing that may be needed would involve any athletics continuing to take place and those families would be notified of any positive cases and contact tracing outcomes.
  • Quarantine During Phase 1 and Return to SchoolIf a someone in your family must quarantine during Phase 1 virtual learning, please be mindful of the necessity of following all quarantine guidelines.During quarantine, students are expected to continue their studies as long as they are feeling well.With learning phase announcements coming each week, please be mindful that if anyone in your family receives a positive COVID result at any time, you must still contact Nurse Snyder immediately to share those results and initiate next steps.As always, do not send your student to school, athletics, or activities if he/she has symptoms and is not feeling well, has tested positive, is a close contact, or anyone in your household is awaiting testing.The current quarantine period for positive cases is now 10 days after the first date of symptoms or after the date the person was tested if they were asymptomatic.


    Student Counseling Support

    • As students learn remotely from home and in person, we want to remind our families that our school counselors continue to be available for student counseling support.
    • During Phase 1, our school counselors will be available via Zoom during Directed Studies office hours on Fridays and other Directed Studies days.Students can find their counselors’ Zoom links in ManageBac.
    • With office hours being reserved for students, our counselors are also available as needed to talk with or meet with parents outside of office hours.In addition, if a student needs immediate support, they are also encouraged to email their grade level counselor.
  • To connect with our grade level counselors, please contact Mrs. Donen (Grade 6 and Grade 7 Last Names K-Z) at, Mrs. Flowers (Grade 8 and Grade 7 Last Names A-J) at, Mrs. Sharpe (Grades 9 and 10) at, or Dr. Dagnan (Grades 11 and 12) at


New HS German Teacher

  • We wanted to share that our new HS German teacher, Ms. Hansen, was able to complete her hiring process and relocate sooner than expected and will officially start on Monday, January 11.Ms. Hansen will begin her live class Zooms next week alongside Ms. Draper and Mr. Hudson, so all students will need to log in to their German live Zoom classes during their regular class times.Students should also continue to check ManageBac daily and complete any posted assignments.We appreciate Ms. Hansen’s efforts to begin sooner as she wanted to be sure that she was able to connect with her students as quickly as possible!


    Part-Time Tutor Position

  • SMMHS is looking to hire one additional part-time tutor for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year to work alongside our Learning Center Coordinator and our School Counselors to provide additional support to some of our HCSatHome senior and junior students.
  • This MEF-funded position is part-time with no benefits with a pay rate of $15 per hour.Each tutor is tentatively scheduled to work 5 days per week with some flexibility in work hours as we are looking to provide additional support to students during the day and afterschool both in person and via Zoom.
  • Interested applicants can apply by CLICKING HERE.


MS Wrestling Informational Meeting

  • Any students in grades 6 through 8 who are interested in trying out for our MS Wrestling Team should plan to attend the upcoming Zoom informational meeting with their parents on Sunday, January 10 beginning at 7:00 pm.
  • To access the Zoom meeting, families will use Meeting ID 917 6486 2034 and Passcode 823415.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Coach Poss at


    HS Tennis Informational Meeting

  • Any students in grades 9 through 12 who are interested in trying out for our Boys or Girls HS Tennis Teams should plan to attend the upcoming Zoom informational meeting with their parents on Wednesday, January 13 beginning at 6:00 pm.
  • Information about offseason conditioning, physical requirements, and more will be shared in preparation for the season start date in February.
  • To access the Zoom meeting, families will use Meeting ID 792 1029 1019 and Passcode goeagles.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Coach Mitchell at


Reminder Information


Zoom Behavior Expectations

  • As we transition to having more students learning from home on certain days during Phase 2, please take some time to remind your students of our shared expectations for student behavior during live class Zoom sessions.
  • Initial Login – All students must log in to their class Zooms at the beginning of each class following their regular schedule.  Students must be logging in with their HCDE student account as an authenticated user.  Attendance is taken, and teachers will require students to turn their cameras on and have their correct name listed to confirm they are in attendance.  Any student not logging on correctly will not be allowed to enter the Zoom and will be marked absent.
  • Logging Into Unassigned Zooms – Students are only to log in to Zooms for their scheduled classes at their scheduled class times.  Any students who log in to an unassigned Zoom will have disciplinary consequences.  This is learning time and disruptions will not be tolerated.
  • Appropriate Zoom Behavior – Students are expected to exhibit school-appropriate behaviors during all Zooms.  If students are found to be doing anything inappropriate or being disruptive to learning in any way, disciplinary consequences will be given.  Virtual days are school days and all students are expected to behave, participate, and work accordingly.


Virtual Learning Days – During Phase 3, 2, or 1 – Scheduled or Unscheduled

  • Anytime we have a virtual learning day, ALL STUDENTS AND TEACHERS will follow that day’s regular class schedule and are expected to continue their learning virtually by participating in scheduled live class Zooms and completing assignments as posted on ManageBac.Please note that this includes any virtual learning days that occur in Phase 3, in Phase 2, and certainly in Phase 1.
  • On these virtual days, our teachers will be taking attendance as students are expected to log in at the beginning of each class to participate in live Zooms.Live Zoom links and assignments will continue to be posted in ManageBac.
  • As a school, we have worked tirelessly to refine our systems and procedures and we feel confident that our teachers and students are prepared for any phase change.As continuously shared, this is all due to the dedication and hard work of our teachers, students, and families over the past several months!


HCS Attendance Updates

  • In support of the HCS SAFE Pledge encouraging parents to keep their students home if they are feeling sick, schools are now being asked to mark students as Distance Learners (DL Code in Power School) if a parent proactively communicates the absence to the school and if the student will be actively participating in virtual learning and completing assignments for that day.
  • In order for the school to enter DL for those sporadic days, Mrs. Swan must be notified or emailed at by the morning of the absence date.
  • All HCSatHome students, and any students deemed to be distance learners for the day, are expected to actively participate in virtual learning each day by logging into live Zooms and completing assignments.If students are not logging into live Zooms and/or not completing their daily assignments, they will be marked absent for that day.
  • If an in person student or HCSatHome student is sick, or is unable to participate in virtual learning on a given day, parents must contact Mrs. Swan with excuse documentation.


Foreign Language Tutoring Opportunities

  • Our Language Acquisition Department is once again able to offer free tutoring support to students in grades 6 through 12 in Spanish, French, and German!
  • All tutoring for this year will take place virtually via Zoom with our in person students and HCS@Home students able to participate.
  • Tutoring via Zoom will take place on Tuesdays at 3:15 pm with Ms. Meznar providing French and Spanish tutoring on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month and Mr. Hudson providing German tutoring on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.
  • To access the tutoring sessions, students will log into Zoom and use Meeting ID 947 4937 1778 and Passcode SMMHSlang.
  • If you have questions regarding tutoring, please contact Ms. Meznar at or Mr. Hudson at



Mountain Education Foundation (MEF) Information and News

  • We want to remind everyone of the important role that the Mountain Education Foundation (MEF) plays in the success of our Signal Mountain Schools!
  • As MEF continues to work toward overcoming almost $150,000 in lost revenue due to 3 cancelled events in 2020, we are asking all of our families to give as you can.If you have not yet become a monthly donor, or would like to make a one-time gift, please visit or email Hilarie Robison at Every donation is appreciated and much needed!


SMMHS Athletic Contests Available via Pixellot Streaming

  • We are excited to announce that our athletic events and contests taking place in our HS gym and football stadium will now be streamed live over the internet for viewers at home through Pixellot and the NHFS Network.
  • This is a subscription-based service that is available for one year ($69.99) or month to month ($10.99 per month).This subscription is great for families choosing to watch contests and events from home, still being able to watch due to facility spectator limitations, and great for out-of-town grandparents!
  • To subscribe, please visit to sign up and choose your plan.You will search for “Signal Mountain” as you register, but your subscription will also give you access to any school’s events across the nation who are on the network.
  • In addition to the convenience of live streaming, a portion of each subscription is returned to the school to benefit our programs.Advertising opportunities will also be available for those businesses that want to reach our audience and support our school programs.
  • If you have questions, or want to explore advertising opportunities, please contact Coach Redman at



  • Live Class ZoomsA reminder that all HCSatHome students should be following their regular daily schedule and attending live class Zooms for all of their classes each day.  Live class Zooms typically last for 20 minutes or longer depending on the class and activity and students are expected to log in and participate with their in person classmates.  Students who are not completing their work, and not attending live class Zooms, will be marked absent for those days.
  • Work Completion – Students are expected to complete and submit assignments posted in ManageBac each week by the designated due dates.  If a student has a question about an assignment, they can ask their teachers during their daily live class Zooms or email their teachers.
  • HCSatHome Care Teams – As we continue to support our HCSatHome students and families, SMMHS has developed Care Teams to provide additional support to those students whose current grades reflect challenges with virtual learning.  As part of this support system, various staff members have been assigned 5 or 6 students and families and will be reaching out consistently to learn more about their challenges and to help with organization, provide guidance on work completion, prioritizing missing assignments, and to answer questions as needed.
  • MEF Learning Center Tutoring Support – Tutoring support for our in person students and our HCSatHome students continues to be available throughout the day and afterschool on select days.  For more information, or to schedule a tutoring session, please contact our Learning Center Coordinator, Abbey Duncan, at
  • Chromebooks – If you have questions about your student’s school-issued Chromebook or need troubleshooting support, please contact Mrs. Roddy at  
  • If you need help with establishing a routine at home for your HCSatHome student, or have questions, please contact your student’s teachers or Mrs. Mulloy at


COVID-19 Rapid Testing Pilot

  • HCS is the first district among seven in the state of Tennessee that has been selected to pilot a rapid COVID-19 testing program.
  • This test pilot will be implemented in stages, with school nurses administering the tests.Additional information will be shared soon, but please contact Nurse Snyder, Nurse Triplett, or CLICK HERE if you have questions.


SMMHS COVID-19 Procedural Guide

  • Please do not send your student to school if they are sick, have a fever greater than 100 degrees, have any COVID-type symptoms, or have been in close contact with a positive COVID person!  If you have questions, please call the school nurse for direction.
  • To access our SMMHS COVID-19 Procedural Guide, and any recent updates, please CLICK HERE.
  • If you have a COVID-related question, please contact Nurse Snyder at or Nurse Triplett at


Athletics and Other On-Campus Activity Procedures

  • In alignment with TSSAA, district, and state COVID requirements, we have developed procedures for contests, events, and other activities that may take place on our SMMHS campus.
  • To access our SMMHS Athletics and On-Campus Activity Procedures, please CLICK HERE.
  • As general procedures, everyone who attends contests or events on any HCS campus must have a mask – even if the event is outdoors.All attendees will have their temperature checked, and no one will be allowed in if they have a fever, are symptomatic, or do not have a mask.There will be different mask and social distancing allowances for some contest and activity participants due to the physical activity aspect.
  • It is impossible to monitor and constantly remind those not following the established procedures during certain events, so we continue to ask everyone to do your part and ask those around you to do the same.


Calendar Items


Monday, January 11 through Friday, January 15 – Phase 1 Virtual Learning for All Students


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