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Are you interested in journalism, writing, or a new way to have your voice heard at school?  The SMMHS Newspaper Club is a new student-led news platform whose purpose is to give students an outlet to write about your interests and use your voice to reach our school community.  If you'd like to be part of this exciting new endeavor, come to the Newspaper Club interest meeting at 10:15 on Wednesday in the Compass.  See Ms. Wade for a DS pass.



Article I: Name and Purpose

For official purposes, the official name of the club will be SMMHS Newspaper Club.

For informal purposes, a newspaper title will be determined by the members of the club.

The club intends to give students a means to develop journalistic instincts, creative writing ability, and editorial skills.

Article II: Membership

The SMMHS Newspaper Club will welcome all high school students at SMMHS to submit stories and participate as journalists, and there is no required skill level to join or participate.  

There will be an application process for any members who wish to have official club positions.

Any members who continuously break rules (see Club Expectations) and/or are disrespectful will receive two warnings before being removed.

Article III: Practices

Meetings will occur bi-weekly after school from 3:00-4:00pm.  Managebac will be used as the primary means of communication about meetings, planning, and execution of the newspaper.

Club officers are expected to attend and participate in meetings and members are encouraged to come as available.

Article IV: Equality

The SMMHS Newspaper Club admits students without any regard to race, religion, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, or national/ethnic origin, and all members will be provided the same privileges regardless of any of the above.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give the students of Signal Mountain an outlet to share interests, give input, and collaboratively bring student-led news to the school community.

Aims and Objectives


  • To allow Signal Mountain to have a student-created news platform that lets students share their interests and clubs with this community.

  • To introduce students to journalistic skills and editorial abilities that are not easily accessible to all students.


  • To provide an avenue for students to have a creative voice using resources that they might not have access to elsewhere.

  • To work with peers who have a shared interest in journalism.

  • To foster open and effective communication where advice and constructive criticism can be given and received respectfully.

  • To encourage exploration into new skills and creative mediums that students may not have tried before.

  • To help all members, of all skill levels and backgrounds, to grow as writers and build their skills in a constructive way.

Club Expectations

  • Participants must be students and/or staff at SMMHS.

  • Participants should be interested in the world of journalism but don’t have to have any prior knowledge or skills.

  • The club will meet bi-weekly in the library from 3:00-4:00pm.  Specific scheduling will be published in Managebac and announced in the morning announcements.

  • Be constructive.  Giving friendly advice to other members is encouraged, but only with helpful and constructive intentions.  Disrespect or belittling of others or their writing is not allowed.

  • Follow directions given by Ms. Wade or other advisors.

  • In the event that more supplies need to be purchased, members will participate in a fundraiser to raise money for additional materials.

  • Always be respectful of the resources and materials, of your peers and advisors, and yourself.

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